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Volfas Engelman Bravoro Pinta

This beer stands out not only because of its tall, elegantly shaped bottle. It is a unique blend of four types of hops. This is why the beer is so special – even the greatest beer experts are singing its praises and justifiably calling it the most mature creation of Volfas Engelman.

Bottle 0.568 l, Can 0568 l

Volfas Engelman Rinktinis

Volfas Engelman, the legendary beer of the interwar period, has returned with Rinktinis and is as great now as it was then. Volfas Engelman was the largest brewery in interwar Kaunas and it brewed the most popular beer in Lithuania at the time.

Volfas Engelman Rinktinis is made from only pure, specially filtered water. The aromatic Perle and Magnum hops, together with the unique brewer’s yeast reveal a rich taste, while the Lithuania pilsner-style malt gives it a light colour.

bottle 0.568 l, can 0.568 l

Volfas Engelman White

The taste properties and aroma of wheat beer unfold best of all if it is poured into a tall glas with narrow bottom and widened top, saving the freshness of the beer and forming especially bouncy foam.

Bottle 0.568 l, Can 0.568 l
5.0 %

Volfas Engelman Pilzner

This product is a sort of the historical Volfas Engelman heritage beer that was produced under the same name during the interwar period and was the most popular beer at the time. Lithuanian light malt of supreme quality is used in the production of Pilzner beer, abundance of hops enriches the taste. The unique combination of hops enabled to create the unrepeatable aroma and taste.

bottle 0.568 l
4.7 %

Volfas Engelman Dunkel

Volfas Engelman DUNKEL Kvietinis (Dark wheat beer) stands out by  its refreshing and full-bodied flavour. It is dark unfiltered wheat beer crowned with thick creamy froth. Dunkel Kvietinis features the aroma of peanuts, banana, clove, with a slight note of roasted homemade bread aftertaste yielding a very light acidity sensation typical for dark wheat beer.

Bottle 0.568 l
5.0 %

Volfas Engelman BOHEMIJOS Dark

This is true Bohemian dark beer. Caramelized malt gives this beer a luxurious mahogany colour which is accompanied by its light and pleasant sweetish taste.

Can 0.568
4.2 %

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