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‘Pakruojis Manor Distillery’ was established and lovingly nurtured in Lithuania’s historic north, where quality drinks have been produced since the early 16th century. It was originally built by the esteemed pharmacist Mr Knut as an essential part of the Manor’s apothecary. Towards the end of 2018, and after a long and silent hiatus, the life was brought back to the distillery.

It is here that ‘Pakruojis Manor Distillery’ is taking the inspiration from the local traditions and the exceptional quality of the ingredients from the surrounding forests and fields, which are used extensively and exclusively in the production of the artisan products.

It takes time and care to produce quality botanically-infused spirits, this is why herbs and spices are matured for up to 3 months to ensure their distinctive qualities. Different techniques allow to achieve the flavoursome results that ‘Pakruojis Manor Distillery’ had become renowned for.

The production methods and the quality of the selected ingredients ensure that some of the products do not easily fit into any single category. It is for that reason that the distillery’s motto is -spirits for the free spirits!

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