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Lithuanian Vodka Gold

This vodka is well-known both in and outside of Lithuania: a long-standing market leader, it was named the most popular vodka in our country in 2013 for the fourth time in a row, and has won numerous awards at international exhibits abroad.

LITHUANIAN VODKA Gold is produced in accordance with special requirements; it is a vodka produced in Lithuania with a recognized and protected geographical indication.

This is a beverage with an unusually pure and mild taste, so it is traditionally consumed chilled, in a shot glass. It is also delicious mixed with juice or soft drinks.

Bottle 0.5 l
40 %

Green Nines

Is a herbal liqueur produced from 27 herbs and spices, and matured in special casks.

It has a smooth, fresh taste and aroma.

Tasty to drink unmixed, on the rocks, or when mixing in cocktails with iced tea.

Bottle 0.75 l
35 %

Gloria 5

Matured in traditional oak barrels and distinct for its harmonious taste and aroma of fruit and vanilla, this is the most popular member of the GLORIA family.

GLORIA 5 is available in an elegant box for those in search of a gift.

GLORIA is traditionally consumed from a tulip-shaped glass, warmed a bit with the palms of your hands. It is irresistible with a piece of dark chocolate. It can also be served on the rocks or with coffee. GLORIA can be used in the kitchen for various desserts, sauces and dishes as well.

bottle 0.5 l
38 %

Citrus Nines

THE NINES Citrus boasts the added flavor of oranges and lemons. These citrus fruits blend with the abundance of herbs and spices in the beverage, revealing its exotic taste and velvety aroma.

This beverage is delicious on the rocks. THE NINES Citrus is also a priceless ingredient for cocktails – we recommend mixing it with orange juice for a real treat.

bottle 0.75 l
35 %

Lithuanian Vodka White Diamond

Gold filtered original Lithuanian vodka.

bottle 0.7 l
40 %

Gloria with Plume

This brandy is enriched with a natural infusion of royal plums, making it a refined beverage perfect for those in search of new gourmet tastes.

We recommend serving GLORIA brandy with plum with dessert or mixed with apple juice.

bottle 0.5 l
36 %

Lithuanian Vodka Gold Black Edition

This limited edition vodka design was inspired by Lithuania’s history and national heritage.

bottle 0.7 l
40 %

Triple Nines

It is believed that the origin of NINES bitters may be related to the pagan world-view and its division of the world into three mythological spheres: the underworld, the earth and the sky. THE NINES bitters include elements representing all three of these spheres: roots (the underworld), peels, herbs and leaves (the earth), and blossoms and fruits (the sky) – 27 natural vegetative ingredients in total.

bottle 0.75 l
35 %

Gloria with Chocolate & Orange

Produced from traditional matured French brandy and an infusion of fresh oranges, this beverage is enriched with notes of dark chocolate. With its rich amber color, this brandy stands out for its unique composition of aroma and flavor.

We recommend serving GLORIA Chocolate flavoured brandy with orange on the rocks or mixed with your favorite fruit juice.

bottle 0.5 l
36 %

Gloria XO

This French brandy features a majestic taste with the subtle aroma of fresh walnuts and hints of almond and vanilla.

After a long maturity period, the raw materials for this brandy are sent to Lithuania from a factory located just a few kilometers from the town of Cognac in south-western France; this factory has been making cognac and brandy since 1853. The luxurious, long-lasting taste and aroma reflect the deep traditions of French brandy production.

We recommend you drink GLORIA XO Brandy from a tulip-shaped glass, warmed a bit with the palms of your hands.

bottle 0.7 l
40 %

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