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Beetroot Schnapps


Beetroot is exceptionally rarely found taste in spirit drinks category.

This drink inspiration came from the popular root-vegetable, which is commonly used in the kitchens of Lithuania.

‘Pakruojis Manor Distillery’ uses Specially dried beetroot. Using the same technique as is particular to the Amarone wine industry, where partially dried grapes are the primary ingredient.

Well balanced, unique drink is permeated by shades of sweetness, earthiness and spices – it also contains five additional ingredients to complete the medley of taste which adds definition to the beetroot.

Silver medal in American Distilling Institute

0.5 L
34 %
Horseradish Schnapps


Horseradish has all the distinctive qualities of a wasabi. After maturing deep in the ground for a year, or even more, the horseradish root is grated and stored in spirit for at least two months. The drink is ideal as a delightful and tangy ingredient to a specially designed Bloody Mary, or simply as an accompaniment to grilled meats and smoked salmon.

Saltiness detected on the nose. Some pepper and spicy flavour. Tastes of horseradish are noticeable, but not too harsh.

Bronze in American Distilling Institute;

Silver medals in London Spirits and Craft Spirits Berlin;

0.5 L
42 %
Smoked Bacon Schnapps


The Scots have their rich smoky whisky, the Mexicans have their distinctive Mezcal, so why should we not have a uniquely special smoky drink from Lithuania. If you’re strong it makes for the perfect shot, otherwise, simply mixed with a tasty ginger beer you will find yourself geographically placed somewhere between Scotland, Mexico, and Lithuania. In addition, it is a highly agreeable and suitable addition to any cocktail where a taste of smokiness is required.

Crispy bacon! Clear smokiness and long-lasting pleasant spiciness with the hint of black pepper. Recommended with meat dishes. Fuels your Bloody Mary to the next level.

Silver medals in London Spirits and Craft Spirits Berlin;

Bronze in IWSC.

0.5 L
38 %


In the production of ‘Artemisia Vulgaris 6+ ‘Pakruojis Manor Distillery’ uses7 locally grown Lithuanian herbs – this gives the drink a distinctive Lithuanian bitterness. It also resonates with light flowery notes in its aroma as these flowers are also the source of the drink’s sweetness. The ingredients are added to the drink in almost the same manner as bees bring nectar to the hive – slowly, very slowly.

The final touch is the addition of Acorus Calamus, a local Lithuanian version of ginseng.

The result is simply the finest Lithuanian digestif available.

Herbal with menthol notes. Bitterness of Mugwort and a little bit of sweetness from beebalms blossoms in the taste, dry bitterness in the aftertaste.

Silver medal in Craft Spirits Berlin;

Bronze in London Spirits Competition.

0.5 L
45 %
Thyme Liqueur With Honey And Saffron


Our delectable ‘from field to glass’ liqueur is created using no added sugar but relies entirely on the freshness of natural honey prepared by our master beekeeper. The thyme is grown by ourselves at the ManorDistillery and picked at the peak of its blooming cycle, when the aroma is simply unforgettable. These qualities allow it to be taken neat, or as an ingredient in a uniquely special Spritz.

This flavoursome liqueur was unanimously voted as ‘Best International Herbal Liqueur’ by the American Craft Distilling Institute.

Bittersweet in the mouth with deep flavours and subtle undertones of woody thyme and bay leaves. Linden honey gives floral notes and lightness. A hint of apple juice ensures great balance.

We are proud to be nominated as The Best International Herbal Liqueur in USA Gold in American Distilling Institute and Best of Class award in International liqueur category!

Silver medal in London Spirits and Craft Spirits Berlin;

0.5 L
42 %
Crystal Hop


Crystal hop is double distilled from German-type top-fermented

beer which is specially brewed in our own Manor brewery. We use firewood, copper stills for slow distillation and double filtration to

achieve balance of fruitiness and maltiness in the taste. Different

type of malt, hops and yeast are used for every batch.

Clear beer presence. Fruity notes of green apple, pear, apricot and

fresh plums.

Exclusive drink which is distilled in wood fired copper distilling

equipment. Interesting alternative for vodka.

0.5 L
43 %
Maple In Bloom


On the nose it has smell and taste of dried wild berries with a hint of cinnamon. That’s coming from meadow sweet and sweetgrass and dried maple blossoms. Sweet taste of berries is followed by dry and grassy aftertaste.

Neat without ice, mixer with tonic or cocktail AUTUMN RITUALS.

0.5 L
35 %

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