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Stumbras Blueberry

Bitter Strumbras are really exceptional because they are produced according to ancient traditional technologies only from natural products while their composition is enriched by various piquant ingredients pepper, honey, cowberry, cranberry, raspberry and blackberry.

Bitters Stumbras are produced only from natural products following traditional ancient technologies just as our parents and grand-parents used to make bitters.

The bitters Pepper with Honey suits meat and cheese meals, while that of Cranberry and Cowberry suits poultry, fish and cheese. Raspberry and Blackberry may enrich desserts and ice cream.

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Lithuanian Beer Limited was founded in 2002. We started with importing a carefully selected beer brands from Lithuania. Later, due to the huge demand, the product range was significantly expanded as unique spirits, sparkling wines, brandy, liqueurs, and bitters were launched. We take a great personal care in bringing the best beer and spirits brands in to UK. Excellent examples … Read More

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