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Stumbras Vodka Pure

We don’t skimp on time for this vodka: it is filtered twice as long as usual, and once it is slowly purified, we let it sit for another three days. It is distilled from lux-grade grain neutral spirit and water that has been carefully filtered six times.

This is how STUMBRAS VODKA Pure – which stands out for its clarity, exceptionally smooth flavor and harmonious aroma – is born.

STUMBRAS VODKA Pure is traditionally consumed straight and chilled, in a shot glass. It can also be mixed with juice or soft drinks in cocktails.

Bottle 0.5 l
40 %

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Lithuanian Beer Limited was founded in 2002. We started with importing a carefully selected beer brands from Lithuania. Later, due to the huge demand, the product range was significantly expanded as unique spirits, sparkling wines, brandy, liqueurs, and bitters were launched. We take a great personal care in bringing the best beer and spirits brands in to UK. Excellent examples … Read More

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